Water Haulers

New Phila-Strasburg-Sugarcreek-Dennison-Newc.-Coshocton:

  • R&W Water- Craig (330)401-3680 (Newcomerstown)
  • Lawrence Bulk Water- Bill (330)691-5399 (Newcomerstown)


  • Stroubel Water (330)877-6795 (Canton)


  • Water Transport (800)875-9909 (Hopedale)


  • Shrock Water- Eli (419)496-4960 (Ashland)


  • Hobbs Water- Ron (740)225-0334 (Johnstown)

Mt Vernon- Utica:

  • McCann Water- John (740)504-3197 (Mt. Vernon)

Zanesville-Muskingum County:

  • Zemba Bros. Water (740)452-1880 (Zanesville)


  • Millcreek Water- Kevin (330)243-0594 (Coshocton)


  • Truck Size- 2000-6500 gallons per load (5000 is typical)
  • Cost- Typically $.04-$.06 per gallon ($250-$400 per load is typical) 
  • Cost Varies- Based on travel time, size of truck, addition hose, etc.
  • Most haulers do not accept credit card payment.
  • Quality- Most haulers deliver clean city drinking water.
  • Access- Tight turns, overhead limbs and utility lines, bridges etc. need to be considered. 
  • Pavement & Concrete Driveways- Ideally the water can be pumped from the main road or the homeowner assumes the risk of the weight of the truck damaging the driveway surface.
  • Hose- most trucks carry a gas pump and 200' of fire hose. The trucks weigh too much to leave the driveway. They will not drive on grass.
  • Partial Loads- The majority of the cost is for the trip (truck, driver, and fuel) NOT the cost of the water. Therefore partial loads are not cheaper.
  • Seasonal- During May & June the water haulers are unable to keep up with the demand. Please plan well in advance.

Attn: We are not affiliated with these companies. Please contact the water hauler directly for details and pricing.