Liner Replacement- Inground Pools

$ 3,200
Job Notes:
  • estimate includes: 27 mil full pattern liner, skimmer & return faceplates
  • we will schedule the date and time with the water hauler
  • keep the pool clean and full until the day before our arrival
  • use a sump pump to completely drain the pool the day(s) before our arrival

Additional Charges:

  • travel time: "billed round trip" ($150 per hour)
  • additional labor time: ($150 per hour): draining & cleaning, frame and floor repairs
  • hauled water: paid direct to hauler, 2-3 load min. req. to set the liner (approx. $275-$375 per 5000 gallon load)

McEwen Collection- Standard Liner Patterns

Builders Collection- Discounted Liner Patterns

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