Package w/Install- Deluxe Whitewood

$ 5,200
Size:15' Round
Step Upgrade:N/C A-Frame Ladder
Heater:No Heater

Pool Details:

  • 52", resin frame, high resin rails, multilayer wall protection 


  • Premium Liner: water reflections with top border
  • Liner Guard Material: geotextile material installed under the liner
  • Sand Filter w/Pump
  • A-Frame Ladder
  • Vacuum: pole, head, skim net, brush
  • Solar Cover
  • Skimmer & Return
  • Sod Removal on Level Pool Sites
  • Pool Base: mason sand & foundation paver blocks

Wet & Wild Extra Charges:

  • Excavation/Leveling: 0"-4"=N/C, 0"-12"=$200, 0"-24"=$400, 0"-36"=$600, 0"-48"=$800
  • Haul Away Dirt: $100 per 4 ton load, please locate a nearby dump site
  • Travel: $150 per hour round trip

Customer Responsibilities:

  • Building Permit: required by most cities/townships
  • Electrical Permit: required by some cities/counties
  • Hauled Water: typically $250-$400 per load (customer pays hauler, Wet & Wild will schedule, typically 4000-6000 gallons per load, min. 1 load required)
  • Electrical Receptacle: 20 amp GFCI protected, installed after the pool
  • Bonding: bond wire from the pool, to pump, to an 8' bond stake
  • Landscape: gravel 2' wide and 2"-4" thick around the pool
  • Yard Repairs: our dump truck and skid steer may rut the yard and will need to be repaired and reseeded by the customer
  • Add on Heaters: Wet Wild hooks up water plumbing, not electric/gas


  • No overhead power lines within 5' of the pool.
  • Property line set backs vary by city, typically 5'-10'
  • Percentage of your lot permitted to be covered by structure varies by city
  • Fencing: requirements vary by city or township 
  • Site Access: min. 8' wide opening for dump truck & skid steer access
  • Water trucks: typically carry 250' hose, will not leave the stone driveway surface, avoid pavement/concrete driveways because of the weight
  • Overdig: roughly 2' of overdig is required for the pool frame and pavers

Choosing Size:

  • Gallons: 15'=5500, 18'=8500, 21'=10,500, 24'=13,500, 27'=18,500, 12'x24'=7500, 15'x30'=10,500, 18'x33'=18,500
  • Most Popular: 21', 24', & 15'x30' 
  • Mid sized pools are reasonable on chemical, electric, and heating cost, cleaning time, solar cover management, and filled with 2 loads of hauled water 


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