Hayward EC75A DE Filter

$ 1,079
Perflex Extended-Cycle D.E. filters clean pools fast, removing particles as small as one micron the first time through. Its patented Flex-Tube™ design gives longer cycles between cleaning because the same D.E. filter powder is used over and over. Plus, Perflex cleans without back­washing, saving hundreds of gallons of treated pool water. An exceptional value as a replacement ­filter or for new pool installations. For sparkling, clean pools, step up to Perflex.• Exclusive bump handle activates the mechanism -causing the Flex-Tubes to instantly and uniformly clean themselves of dirt and filter powder,

• Self-venting design automatically expels any air that may be present in the system,

• Proven, patented Flex-Tube filter elements efficiently reuse the filter powder and dirt mixture forming a fresh filtering surface,

• Combination pressure gauge and threaded inspection/service port is easy to read and remove when filter needs cleaning,

• Heavy-duty filter tank injection-molded of high-strength thermoplastic for dependable, corrosion-free performance,

• Integral check valve prevents system backflow -whenever pump is off

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