Liner Unibead (Beaded or J Hook), 48" 52" or 54", Heavy 25G

$ 325
Pool Frame Height- must be measured on the outside of the frame:48"

Unibead: Can be installed as J Hook or modified to be installed as Beaded.

J-Hook: The factory installed J Hook flap that is welded to the top of the liner hangs overtop of the pool wall. (The liner comes out of the box ready to be installed as J-Hook.)

Beaded: Separate "Bead Receiver" track hangs on top of the pool wall and then the liner bead is jammed into the bead receiver track on the inside of the pool. (You will need to remove the J-Hook before installing the liner as beaded. Cut and peel to remove the J-Hook flap. )

Wall Height: On the OUTSIDE of the pool, dig down in the landscaping and find the bottom of the pool frame. Measure the height of the entire pool frame. Do NOT measure on the inside of the pool. There is sand under the liner that makes an inside measurement inaccurate.

Pattern: Mystri Gold

Thickness: 25 gauge Heavy Duty

Watch Video on Different Liner Types

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