Pool Opening- Inground

$ 275
Note- Your credit card will not be billed until the day of service.

Additional Charges: 

  • travel time "billed round trip" ($125 per hour)
  • removing water and debris from top of the winter cover ($125 per hour)

Preparing for Opening:

  • make sure that we have access to the pool pump, filter, drain plugs, baskets, etc.
  • remove water and debris from the top of the winter cover 
  • we recommend filling the pool under the winter cover, this allows us to test run the pool equipment  

Service Provided:

  • remove winter cover and hook up the pool equipment
  • we do not clean the pool, balance the water, or add chemicals

After the Pool Opening: 

  • we recommend circulating for 24-48 hours and doing the initial vacuuming and brushing before- testing, balancing the water, and adding the start up chemicals 
  • starting with the initial clean up will result in more accurate water test results and save on chemical costs, pools will not clear until the organics are removed

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