Service Call - Spa

$ 125
Job Notes:
  • credit card will not be billed until the day of service
  • service call includes the 1st hour of labor
  • spa needs to be full for service
Additional Charges:
  • travel time billed "round trip" ($100.00 per hour)
  • additional time ($100.00 per hour)
  • follow up trip ($100.00 per trip)

Common Problems:

  • No Heat- can be caused by dirty filters causing lack of flow, remove filters and reset breaker, run temporarily without filters or replace filters (Flow Error (FL, FLO, Flow Error, No Heat or HH, HI, High Heat, OH, Over Heat)
  • Over Heat- can be caused by summer heat and extra filtration hours, change filtration hours to F2, F2=filter 2 hours every 12 hours (HH, HI, High Heat, OH, Over Heat)
  •  No Heat- can be caused by SLEEP, STBY, VACATION mode which maintains the water temp 20 degrees less than the temperature setting

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