Nordic Stella SE- 62"x 84" (3 Seats) *Local Ohio Sales Only*

$ 9,999

Designed to give a celestial hot water experience, the Stella™ SE is perfect for entertaining or after workout soak sessions. Settle in to the Stella™ SE and the cares of the day will seem light-years away while the powerful 3-hp pump pulses swirling hot water around your entire body. Adjust our Nordic Star™ jets to direct powerful hydrotherapy massage to specific pressure points to relieve tension. Be a star in our brightest star, the Stella SE!

 Dual Therapy System (DTS™)

The combination of high volume whirlpool flow and targeted direct pressure jets giving you the ultimate in hot water therapy.

220V, 3.0hp 2 Speed Pump

Provides you with powerful water flow on high and low speeds while allowing you ease of installation and operation.

 Nordic Star™ Stainless Steel Jets

A combination of 23 Nordic Star™ high flow stainless steel jets designed to optimize water flow and pressure to offer you fully customizable hot water massage.

 Standard Northern Lighting Package™

Elements of our Northern Lights™ Package include: LED Backlit Waterfall Jet, LED Sconce Lights at cabinet corners, LED Jetting, LED Footwell/Side Wall Light, LED Backlit Cup Coasters. NLP is available on all square, triangle and rectangle Nordic Tubs.

 Nordic Wrap™

If you live in a colder climate, Nordic Wrap™ provides an additional layer of insulation to help protect your hot tub from the rigors of more extreme low temps. This adds an additional 9.5 R-Value to the already substantial 7 R-Value-per-inch of our sprayed foam insulation. By adding this layer of protection, Nordic Hot Tubs meet or exceed the stricter Title 20 Appliance Efficiency Regulations as mandated by California’s Energy Commission.



  • Seating 3 person
    Dimensions 62 in. x 84 in. 
    Depth 34 in. 
    Weight (dry) Approx. 416 lbs. 
    Operating Capacity Approx. 240 gal. 
    Total Jet Package 23
    Turbo / Whirlpool Jets 1
    Foot / Leg Jets 8
    Air Controls 4
    Ozone Ready Jets 1 (optional)
    Waterfall 1
    Control Pad Solid State Programmable
    Insulation Standard 2 lbs. 
    Nordic Wrap™
    Heater 4 kw on 220V
    Light Northern Light Package Standard
    Volts 220V
    Amps 40 amps
    Pump (2 speed) 1 (3hp)
    Bluetooth Stereo System              Optional Upgrade
    Equipment Access Yes
    Drain System Yes
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