Why build a “mid height” pool deck?

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Why build a “mid height” pool deck?

(A deck that is two steps lower than the height of the pool.)

  • Less steps when traveling to the deck
  • Less chance of small children falling into the pool 
  • More privacy from the neighbors
  • More eye to eye with swimmers
  • Better looking and functioning transition from patio -to- deck -to- pool
  • Less chance of furniture blowing into the pool during storms
  • Less chance of people walking on the pool top ledges
  • Easier to remove the solar cover blanket
  • Easier to service the pool and change liners

Steps from top of the Deck to the Pool Height 

  • we suggest a portable step unit that can be moved when winterizing and servicing the pool
  • the top tread of the step unit should be built extra wide to allow for connection of the step straps

Note: Install a self latching and lockable gate to prevent accidental drowning.

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